Fire creations inspired by special places

site-specific and individual solutions

We design shows according to your wishes and ideas, and create custom made performances, which are specifically inspired by the place of your event!

We base our performances in dance and acrobatics and combine this with fire art. We set bright accents with small, tender flames, with sparkling fire illuminations and buzzing pyro sparks. We are interested in the special atmosphere and history of a space, in the architecture of the site, be it an urban or a rural area. We research and develop site-specific performances – from interventions in public space to examinations of historic buildings.

To add a subtle magic into the performance with fire and dance, we do not set the focus on individual actions, but on the interactions of several individual aspects. We create a network of single performances on the whole site and lead the perception of the audience from action to action. We use the whole architecture and environment as stage – also the aerial space!

We employ methods of contemporary dance (Laban movement studies and contact improvisation), with elements of acrobatics, aerial dance, stilts and fire art.
According to the size of the performance we choose the size of our ensemble – we draw from a large pool of extraordinary artists, acrobats and dancers.

Overview stage requirements

We develop our requirements individually and in close communication with the organizer. We work with our technical team according to highest safety standards. For larger performances local inspections and extensive visits are essential!