Charming fire shows with character

City festivals, park festivals, festivals of all sorts

For open-air events like town festivals, park festivals, festivals of light etc., we recommend a combination of our large theatrical fire-productions with aerial arts and walk acts:
In daylight we create a special atmosphere and set playful impulses with our walking acts and short numbers. Then at night we present one of our fire shows as the highlight of your festival!
We are happy to perform at your festival, enchant your audience and help make your event unforgettable – and for bad weather, we always bring along our „rainy day“ walking act.

To give you an idea, we will suggest some possible combinations.

City Festival Fire Spectacle XXL

With “Illuminair” – our Aerial Fire Fusion – we perform at your event on a grand scale: fire trio with aerial arts on silks and aerial ring – or even bigger, with more dancers and artists – as an artistic highlight of your city festival for all generations.
Throughout the day we perform several of our walking acts and short aerial numbers on our aerial rig.

- 2× 30min. Welcoming guests on stilts
- 2× 30min. Walk act on stilts
- 2× 7min. Vertical silks and trapeze solo
- 30min. Highlight of the evening: Illuminair

City Festival Fire Spectacle Medium

Our nostalgic fire show “Voyage d’Ardeur” adds a humorous climax to your street event – without needing a big stage setup. An exciting journey into the 30s with fine choreographed fire spinning.
We invite you to take advantage of the versatility of our trio ensemble, enchanting your audience during the day with walk acts and close-up acts.
Smaller (duo) or larger (large ensemble) variants of this combination are available.

- 45min. charming walking acts on stilts
- 45min. acrobatic fire-walking act
- 20min. Fire Show Voyage d’Ardeur

City Festival Fire Spectacle Fine

For small spa garden parties and other smaller events we offer fine little spectacles, such as our fire theater, with the crazy professor or the quirky woman Ms. Fire.
Again, we are happy to combine this with one of our walking acts before dusk falls.

- 2× 30min. Walking acts on stilts
- 20min. Prof. Dr. F. oder Ms. Fire