Fire juggling in the style of the 1920s

Swing Fire

It’s Swing Time! Our fire duet dances to swing electro swing music, and invites the audience with burning umbrellas, double sticks, fire poi, fire ropes and flaming fans – and whisks them into the the amazing 1920s.

Look forward to a show full of excitement, and watch the first dance of Jane and Joe – when they first meet and catch fire!
So vibrant, so warm and so sensual – this is real fire dance!

Fire juggling, acrobatics and dance with two artists.
Duration: appr. 18 min.

A show in the same style is also available as a solo.
Duration: appr. 12 min.

Overview stage requirements

We perform in large spaces or open air with a minimal stage size:
Width 6m, depth 6m, height 4m