Aerial art meets poetic fire show


An aerial fire fusion performance!
On their magnificent stage, a three-legged pyramid,
the artists whisk their audience away to fiery heights.
They tell a story about ecstatic fire and overcoming gravity: Fire art combined with graceful aerial acrobatics and vertical dance.
Our aerialist dances with ease on the aerial hoop, illuminated by our fire dancers, who combine precise staff spinning with fire ropes and fans.
All of this culminates in a swirl of flames and pyrotechnics – in the air and on the ground!

This show has a variable length – customized for your audience (10-35min.)

Overview stage requirements

We perform in a free standing aerial rig (pyramid).
We perform in large spaces or open air with a minimal stage size:

- Width 10m
- Depth 12m
- Height 9m

After personal consultation, we can perform on smaller stages as well.

Detailed information and technical rider.pdf