A quirky fire show / walk act

Ms. Fire

Solo Show

Meeting this strict, respectable lady in her crotchety cardigan, you would never guess her secret vices.
Even if you’d suspect anything, most likely you’d think of a sweet sherry. But fire? Eating? EATING FIRE?
Expect unexpected abysses, when Ms. Fire feels unobserved…

Director: Erica Ruhl and Dieter Handler
Fire show: Duration 12 min, fire eating, fire ropes, fire fans.
Fire Walk Act: Duration 30 minutes per session, fire eating.

Mr. and Mrs. Fire

Duet Show
This old couple has been living happily for many many years! Their passion about fire never extinguished and kept them together in all their quirkiness. They swallow fire or enjoy the heat on the body – and are so happy about it, that you cannot help feeling happy yourself!
Fire walk act: Duration 30 minutes per session, fire eating, acrobatics.