Fire Theater

Prof. Dr. F.

Fire is the hot, almost insane passion of Professor Doctor F.
Whether it smokes, burns or sparks – this is the love of his life. At first little flames awaken his energy, make him dance and get lost in memories. Even if he himself is not a fire breather, his machine can do a lot of miracles – even fire breathing …
„Prof.Dr.F.“ merges fire artistry and theater. It is a solo show, and a rather mesmerizing experiment – so much unlike another glittering fire show…

Idea, Concept and Stage Design: Johannes Bruhn
Director: Dietmar Blume
Performance: Jana Korb / Johannes Bruhn

Show: appr. 15 min
Walkact: appr. 30min per Set.

Overview stage requirements

We perform in large spaces or open air with a minimal stage size:
Width 6m, depth 6m, height 4m